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Park Plaza Foot Specialists undoubtedly are the best when it comes to podiatry treatments. From bunion, corns treatment, toe nail fungus to arthritis treatment our Austin podiatrist can treat them all. Foot doctors at our clinic have spent years in medical practice specializing in ailments including foot pain, foot surgery in Austin, ankle pain and other foot problem. They take pride in their patients well being and make their visits pleasant. They have a caring attitude which is clearly depicted in the way they treat their patients. Each and every Austin foot specialist at our clinic has completed undergraduate, professional and post-graduate surgical residency training. Their extensive training continues yearly since they attend continuing medical education courses in podiatric medicine, surgery, biomechanics and specialized techniques.

We use the ON-Q pain pump which makes recovery from foot surgery almost pain-free. Dr. Sherman Nagler who heads Park Plaza Foot Specialists states that “We like using the ON-Q pain pump because we eliminate the post operative pain completely allowing our patients to recover much quicker.” Our goal is to offer timely, personal care for your foot or ankle problem to allow you to quickly return to pain free activity. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages in the community and throughout Austin have benefited from the skill, dedication and quality of the care offered by our staff.

If you are looking a professional foot doctor in Austin (Podiatrist in Austin or Podiatry in Austin) then look no further. Our podiatrist will certainly do a great job.

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